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Square Centimeters to Square Feet (Swap Units)


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Square Feet to Square Centimeters formula

cm² =
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Square Feet

In metric terms a square foot is a square with sides 0.3048 metres in length. One square foot is the equivalent to 0.09290304 square metres.


Square Feet to Square Centimeters formula

cm² =

Square Centimeters

A measurement of area equal to one centimeter length by one centimeter width.


Square Feet to Square Centimeters table

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Square Feet Square Centimeters
0ft² 0.00cm²
1ft² 929.03cm²
2ft² 1858.06cm²
3ft² 2787.09cm²
4ft² 3716.12cm²
5ft² 4645.15cm²
6ft² 5574.18cm²
7ft² 6503.21cm²
8ft² 7432.24cm²
9ft² 8361.27cm²
10ft² 9290.30cm²
11ft² 10219.33cm²
12ft² 11148.37cm²
13ft² 12077.40cm²
14ft² 13006.43cm²
15ft² 13935.46cm²
16ft² 14864.49cm²
17ft² 15793.52cm²
18ft² 16722.55cm²
19ft² 17651.58cm²
Square Feet Square Centimeters
20ft² 18580.61cm²
21ft² 19509.64cm²
22ft² 20438.67cm²
23ft² 21367.70cm²
24ft² 22296.73cm²
25ft² 23225.76cm²
26ft² 24154.79cm²
27ft² 25083.82cm²
28ft² 26012.85cm²
29ft² 26941.88cm²
30ft² 27870.91cm²
31ft² 28799.94cm²
32ft² 29728.97cm²
33ft² 30658.00cm²
34ft² 31587.03cm²
35ft² 32516.07cm²
36ft² 33445.10cm²
37ft² 34374.13cm²
38ft² 35303.16cm²
39ft² 36232.19cm²
Square Feet Square Centimeters
40ft² 37161.22cm²
41ft² 38090.25cm²
42ft² 39019.28cm²
43ft² 39948.31cm²
44ft² 40877.34cm²
45ft² 41806.37cm²
46ft² 42735.40cm²
47ft² 43664.43cm²
48ft² 44593.46cm²
49ft² 45522.49cm²
50ft² 46451.52cm²
51ft² 47380.55cm²
52ft² 48309.58cm²
53ft² 49238.61cm²
54ft² 50167.64cm²
55ft² 51096.67cm²
56ft² 52025.70cm²
57ft² 52954.73cm²
58ft² 53883.77cm²
59ft² 54812.80cm²